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At Becky Johnstone we strive to bring you unique objects, carefully designed and produced in the United Kingdom: timeless design, crafted with passion to stand the test of time.

Our customers are pretty discerning and demanding individuals and we want to match their expectations: for this reason we have systems in place to support their purchases with us.

Security and Payments

We use the latest state of the art server protections. See our Privacy policy for more on this. We respect your privacy and have the best statutory guards in place to maintain this.

The perfect order

You are ordering quantities of products to your own dimensions, so please make sure they are perfect before you press the ORDER button. This is because we make to order and the system goes directly to our mill, so our machines are likely to already be preparing your quantities. So once we have confirmed your order and payment has been received we cannot cancel or change details. Should a product arrive damaged, and you arrange to remedy this with us within the timeframes and communication requirements (see Terms) you always have the option to receive a new item, ask for a full refund or receive a price adjustment. Please check carefully before you cut into the fabric, as we cannot receive returns on items that have been cut or used. We cannot receive returns for samples.

Global Deliveries

We ship globally and offer a set postage fee per region. As countries differ regarding imports some orders may require special arrangements for special clients, especially if they are extra large orders.  If you have any questions about shipping please contact our office directly, to request further details before placing any order online. 

Customer Service You Can Speak To

studio : , ph: 020 3370 7903

Whenever you feel talking to a person could help, our customer service will be happy to help to support you. 

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